What is the Open Data Portal?

The City of Perth Open Data Portal will provide a platform for data sharing and collaboration for a range of users including citizen scientists, the public sector (such as other local government authorities), commercial and retail businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators, residents and community groups.

Why open data?

The City of Perth collects a variety of information about its services, utilities and assets. By making this data publicly available it is envisaged that it can be used to generate insight, ideas and opportunities that will lead to benefits for the city as it continues to grow as a vibrant place to work, live and visit.

How could this data potentially be used?

The data could be used for any purpose such as for public awareness, to blend with other data for analysis or modelling, to load into an application for business use or to support ideas and innovation.

Our Aim

Our aim is to publish non-sensitive council data online that relates to key aspects of living and working in the City – environmental, safety, social and economic, and in doing so will increase transparency, improve public services and support social and economic initiatives.