What is open data?
Open data is publicly available data collected by the city through its routine business activities and made available for public use. It does not include private or confidential data about individuals.

What are the licensing arrangements for Open Data, and are there any restrictions on how I can use it?
Data is published under the Creative Commons Attribution license which states that you can copy, redistribute, and use the material for any purpose, provided you give appropriate credit to the original creator and the sources linked to.

What kind of data does City of Perth publish Open Data Portal?
We will continue to add datasets collected from a wide variety of sources in relation to the City of Perth including the environment, economy, recreation, safety, culture, transportation, planning, utilities and services.

How frequently is the data updated?
You can find the frequency of when the data will be published in the additional information section of each each dataset.

Who can use the datasets?
The data is published for everyone to use under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Can I comment on published datasets?
Yes. Comments on datasets can be posted by registered users in the collaboration spaces.

How do I participate in collaboration spaces?
Anyone can read discussions in the collaboration spaces. However, you will need to register to participate in collaboration space discussions.
To register, simply submit your name and email.

How do we submit feedback or report data related issues?
You can send any feedback, enquiries, suggestions for new datasets or support requests to Smart.Cities@cityofperth.wa.gov.au.